Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Post Band Photo Day 29

Photo taken by my almost 7 year old. It's his new thing. My mouth looks a little crooked on one side and should resolve itself when I regain full feeling in my chin and bottom lip.

The Drill Bit

Here is my postop panorax with the drill bit. At first it was belived to be in the soft tissue, now it has been said its in the bone. My surgeon has offered to take this out with the plates in a couple months however I am not big on going under again. This is not super common with jaw surgery but supposedly more common with knee surgery. Hmmmm. Ironic that the left side hurts more, especially when I slightly open it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Before I had braces

These are the "before I had braces" photos. Notice that my overbite was not as bad since my teeth were shoved back from my 3rd grade retainer. In my "after" pictures, my chin is moved slightly forward (added bonus) but this has made all the difference from the inside of my mouth. I can relax my tounge when I bite down instead of rolling it back.